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AI Behavior Upgrade

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AI Upgrades:

One of the biggest pieces of the entire demo and game are the core backend systems for the SCP AI. We are using this week to revamp the systems for all four enemies that'll be encountered in the demo, which will also be the system that is going to take us into the full game and will continually be improved upon until the full game launch.

In earlier iterations of the enemy AI, they would tend to keep close to players and attack without reacting or repositioning to better locations. This new breed of AI has completely rewritten the underlying behavior and allows the creatures to behave much more strategically, with them choosing to reposition or use their "special" attack rather than just continually attack without reacting to player movement. Of course, the movement animations are going to be tweaked to match these new sporadic movements too so they look nice and clean.

This system has been massively expanded under the hood, and it's now planned (after the demo) to include the ability for the AI to interact with their environment in ways otherwise not possible with prior iterations. These interactions can include interaction with other AI and objects within the environment.

Once these changes are complete, all that remains is a final game optimization pass before the public launch of the demo goes live! It is not much further off, as the final bits and pieces are quickly being fitted together, and with final playtesting on the horizon we are extremely excited for players around the globe to experience what we have been putting together!

Massively looking forward to launching the demo, and cannot wait to share more updates on the AI and creatures!



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