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1000 Kickstarter Followers and a new creature + NPC concept

Hey everyone!

We have officially broken over 1000 followers on the Kickstarter page! This is incredible and we truly never expected the reception to our videos and news posts to gather as much attention as they have -- we are truly grateful to be given an opportunity such as this to give the SCP and horror community something really interesting and fun to play.

If you'd like to follow the Kickstarter page, you can find it here:


The latest addition to the in-game model viewer is SCP-745, which will be a very interesting enemy in the full game when it releases. SCP-745 will not be featured in the demo directly, but you'll be able to see some animations on it and get up close and personal with the creature by using the model viewer and finding its statue in-game!. Unlike most enemies featured up till this point, 745 will always appear in pairs and will have one that'll attempt to charge and knock you down, while the other will be ready to inflict massive damage to you while you are down. It is critical to dispatch one of these entities at a distance before getting encircled and having a very tough fight.

Model Viewer:

Lighting Enhancements:

We had quite a surprise this week, with Epic Games announcing that UnrealEngine 5 is coming out of early access and into full production mode during their State of Unreal 2022 keynote speech. This has enabled us to put SCP: Fragmented Minds onto a stable version of the engine, which has massively reduced bugs and given us more tools to make pretty scenes and visuals for you to enjoy. One of the most notable is the advanced lighting tools that give performance-friendly lighting while also looking aesthetically pleasing.

Newest NPC Character - Dr. Millar:

We are very proud of our concept for SCP-049, who is going to be the first-ever non-hostile variant voiced by Volgun but we didn't want to just stop there and decided it would be very cool to have Dr. Millar, who is a legendary SCP expert in-game as an NPC (and also voiced by Volgun) as a modeled NPC character that will be interactable and will give crucial details on what happened to the facility and those who inhabited it. This character, as well as the other NPCs, will be modeled and animated using a very powerful tool in UnrealEngine 5 called MetaHuman! This tool makes it simple to create high-fidelity facial designs for characters and will allow a wider range of quality NPC designs than has ever been possible in the past.

Demo Launch:

As many of you are wondering, the demo is going well, and we are working very hard to achieve our desired FPS goals on our minimum required hardware (GTX 1060). We have been getting closer and closer with each additional performance tweak but we are still a bit off, so you can expect us to be ready to launch nearer to the end of the month as we include more performance tweaks. However, this additional time is also going to give us the opportunity to begin working with Xbox to get a legitimate launch plan for Xbox One and Series X! This will be incredible since for the first time ever, SCP games will no longer be restricted to the PC platform and those who prefer the comfort of a controller can use it to navigate around the game!

Make sure you follow Kickstarter, we have some amazing stuff lined up that we are eager to share with you all!




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