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Set long after a massive event decimated humanity, you awaken from cryosleep in Mars's Site -113. This was the most state-of-the-art off-world research site in existence and holds many answers to the secrets of what happened during the events that threatened humanity's existence many months before. You'll traverse the crumbling and overgrown facility to try and find anything you can to help you against the many dangerous creatures that have made the outer sections of the facility their new homes.

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What is SCP: Fragmented Minds?


For the first time ever, you will take the role of a Mobile Task Force soldier. Use a wide variety of platforming mechanics and equipment to stealthily traverse your way around the facility. However, if things go wrong, you will have a variety of weapon customization options to help calm the situation, but be warned -- ammo is limited.    

What is SCP: Fragmented Minds?


Fragmented Minds is among the first of the SCP-style games to feature fully designed combat, stealth, platforming, and crafting gameplay mechanics. You will be given a wide variety of choices for how you want to play. Whether you are a combative or stealth player, you will have the ability to customize your weapons and equipment to match your playstyle while also being able to utilize the environment to find shortcuts throughout the world.   


Site -113 is teeming with many dangerous and powerful creatures, known as "SCPs", that were deemed too dangerous to be kept on Earth. You will encounter a wide variety of SCPs that will test your ability to survive, each with its unique abilities and weaknesses that will force you to adapt your strategy at every turn and prove to be formidable opponents. Be sure to study them carefully and use their weaknesses to your advantage. 

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With multiplayer gamemodes ranging from Team Deathmatch to Capture the Flag, Fragmented Minds will feature a game mode for all players. For a more intense and unique experience, players can jump into The Hunt, which is our flagship experience that will pit MTF and SCPs against each other in an objective-based horror mode taking place in the SCP's natural habitats. The Hunt will feature random objective types, equipment, and other elements so no two rounds will be identical. Players will be able to upgrade their load-outs and perks throughout a round in order to become more survivable. Respawns will be limited and teamwork is critical to completing the objective, whether that be containing the SCPs by deploying the Field Generators or slaughtering the MTF. 

  • Which platforms is the game releasing on?
    The game is currently listed on Steam and is planned to come to Xbox Series X through ID@Xbox!
  • Will the game be free?
    Due to the costs associated with game development, the game will not be free but will be reasonably priced at $20 with free updates throughout development.
  • Which SCPs are going to be in-game?
    You can find a compreshensive list of our planned SCPs on the Creature Log page! Keep in mind through that not all SCPs are listed since there are some that we have not discussed or don't want to confirm just yet.
  • Is the game singleplayer or multiplayer?
    It's both! However, we are currently working on completing the majority of the singleplayer section before we begin on the multiplayer gamemodes, which you can find more information on right above this FAQ section.
  • How can I play the game?
    You can play the Kickstarter demo on Steam right now by clicking here!



Available Positions (Full Time/Part Time):

  • Unreal Engine Programmer (Multiplayer)

  • 3D Environment and Prop Modeler

  • Creature Concept Artist

  • 3D Creature/Character Modeler 

  • Environment Concept Artist

  • UI Artist

  • VFX Artist


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