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SCP-261, SCP-058, and the Final Touches

Hey everyone!

I am very pleased this week to be able to say the demo is coming along very smoothly, and there are just a couple of extra little details that we need to add before it's ready for final playtesting and release globally!


This week, we introduced a new SCP, called SCP-261. This SCP is going to be interesting since it will allow you to dispense some strange items to heal yourself. However, it comes with a catch in that if you are careless and use the machine very frequently, it can start vending stranger and stranger things which could also end up being extremely dangerous. This machine will only use Japanese Yen, which will be scattered as a collectible around the facility for keen-eyed players to pick up and use on the machine if they find it.

SCP-058 Whispers:

A massive request from players was the desire for the signature whispering of SCP-058 to be added, and it's with great pleasure we can confirm that the creatures will now whisper to alert anybody near them to their presence and to keep their guard up. More whispering lines are going to be added, as well as dynamically altering their volume to help target exactly where they are in the 3D world space. We really like this addition and think it makes these otherwise strange creatures ever eerier to deal with.

The Final Touches:

The environment for the demo is almost 100% completed, and with the final touches being put on textures and materials, it all comes down to polishing the player mechanics and some of the interactions with the AI, as well as polishing up the level streaming and performance. However, the final thing for us will be the Kickstarter video and that could end up pushing the release into early next month as we make the final touches to the video to ensure it's as high quality and representative of the game as possible.

It's extremely exciting to be in this final stretch, and we cannot wait to share the demo for the world to play! We really are hoping that SCP: Fragmented Minds will usher in a new era for SCP and we are super excited to have an amazing community supporting the development!



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