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New SCPs and Environment Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first blog/news update post!

In this update, we are going to be showing off some new SCPs and environments we have been working on and going over what changes have been made. However, for those of you who are new to our website, you can go ahead and sign up for an account to be notified whenever we make an announcement or post new content here (the option is in the top right of this box).

Environmental Overhaul:

First, and foremost, we are excited to show off the progression we have made on the overall environment of the game. The background of this post is indeed a slight hint as to what we have done, but the images below show off just how robust the forestation of the facility has become as time passed due to the facility laying dormant after its complete abandonment.

These images are a good representation of how forested some sections of the facility will be, however, there will be areas that have even more dense forestation due to a particular incident occurring that will be revealed as you play through the game.

New SCPs:

The end of last month was quite exciting in terms of SCPs, as we got our models done for SCP-966 as well as the eggs for SCP-3199 (both pictured below). While the inclusion of the eggs might seem a bit strange, they actually will serve a pretty critical purpose in our multiplayer mode called The Hunt. Their function will be to act as a mobile spawner for 3199 to give them the ability to respawn in different parts of the map to surprise and get the jump on any players that might be nearby.

However, the newest creature to be added is indeed SCP-966, and we are incredibly happy with how it turned out. Like 3199, 966 will be somewhat unique in that it will be in both single-player and be a playable character in multiplayer for The Hunt. It will be a quick and silent SCP that is deadly but somewhat fragile at close range, so make sure to keep it at a distance, or else you may also be weakened by its unique effect.


In case you have not seen, we have posted a DevLog to our YouTube channel which goes over Fragmented Minds as a whole and gives some great info that is best presented in the video. You can find and watch that video here.

Next Post:

In the next post, we will be going over our custom weaponry, how it will function in-game, and showing off an extremely unique and special SCP that has never been considered for a game before! We are very excited since it will be posing a fantastic threat to you as it stalks you throughout the facility (and maybe will even tear you limb from limb!). However, you can see all our updates like this one early on Patreon while also getting cool perks that are unique to Patron donators only. You can find our Patreon page here.

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