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Level System and Game Improvements!


Hey everyone!

This week has had some major improvements and some serious work done on a couple of areas that'll be shown off in the upcoming Kickstarter announcement trailer.

Level Objective System:

One of the core gameplay systems that might not be super apparent on the surface is the level objective system! This controls when and where AI voice lines play, guides players through the game with markers, and also control when players see pop-ups for information bits.

This critical system is now fully functional and is going to be a huge backbone system for the full game, since it will allow us to easily put in complex objectives for players to play through as they like and can do them in a linear or non-linear fashion, depending on how they want to play.

Environmental Upgrades:

A moving environment is one of the most interesting things that can be included in a scene, and we have since really doubled down on the container movement system that will now exist throughout the demo! This adds a new way to get around, and also adds a cool aesthetic to the scenes you'll be playing through. Containers are a key to your movement through this zone too, so you'll get very familiar with them inside and out.

Q&A Videos:

Links to the YouTube version, since embedding doesn't work:

Over the last few days, we have been putting some Q&A videos out on YouTube in a short format so people don't have to watch and 8 min devlog to get their questions answered! You can use the links above to find our channel and subscribe to get the videos, which are frequently posted.

Kickstarter Stuff:

So, we are currently about to film the video for the trailer and will begin finalizing it shortly! The environments are coming together very nicely, and with a final pass on the audio, AI, and textures we will be ready for submission to Xbox, and most importantly, public play! We have a ton of fun stuff lined up to offer in our Kickstarter tiers so they are 100% worth checking out when we launch. You can expect a launch near the end of the month to give us time to finalize the video and reach out to YouTubers and streamers to help us spread the game around to people across the world!

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can catch the pre-demo live stream:

Looking forward to launching the demo and seeing what you all think of what we are creating here!




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