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Danger From Above

After its near-total abandonment, Site-113 allowed many of the creatures contained there to make many sections of the facility their new homes. One of these creatures, while not a massive danger by themselves, decided to call the outer zone of the R&D section their new nest.

Below, you will see the first glimpse of our brand-new aerial threat SCP-149. The first-ever flying SCP ever featured in a game, and the first-ever instance of this SCP ever fully modeled. Keep in mind, the image below is an untextured version (but our Patrons have seen the full one, so consider donating here to get super early access to posts!)

SCP-149 (WIP):

This SCP is about the size of a small bird and will swarm in groups to incapacitate a player with their potent bites. While your suit will protect you for a short time against their attacks, it will not be 100% effective against these creatures. Just a single successful bite will allow their dangerous genetic effects to take place and immediate attention is required to counteract this debilitating effect. Luckily, it is possible to counteract this with special medication that can either be crafted from substances found around Site-113 or directly countered using a special serum that will be located around the facility.

Flying creatures like this will pose a serious challenge for players as they traverse throughout the facility, but be wary, as this SCP and another one to be shortly announced may very well combine forces to create a serious environmental hazard that will need to be dealt with extremely carefully if you wish to escape confrontation alive.

Next Week:

In this next week, we are going to talk about the crafting mechanic that will play a massive role throughout singleplayer and multiplayer. We will also be having patrons vote on our next SCP, showing them the brand-new Site-113 "map" concept, which details the three main zones, and some new weapons! If you'd like to get in on that action, please consider supporting us on Patreon here.

Note: Production of our second DevLog will begin soon, so if you enjoyed our first one, then you will like what we will be showing off in our next one! If you are not subscribed to our YouTube, go ahead and find us here.


It is my pleasure to announce our Kickstarter page is now live and visible to be followed, please visit it here and subscribe to the page to get notified when you can donate. We will be launching this page in a few months and are going to ideally have a really big launch event for it! Also, do note that these perks will NOT overshadow any Patreon perks so feel free to donate to our Patreon if you'd like to support us now, as that money is critical to creating the very content we can show in these posts! Also, this page will evolve and is relatively bare-bones at the moment.

4th of July:

We here at HST Studios love America and especially love freedom and wish you all a very safe and fun 4th of July!



Jul 08, 2021



Jul 04, 2021

These little buggers are gonna be nasty. It took me a moment to remember what 149 is and oh boy I can already hear them flying around.

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